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You Manage The Project We Manage The Risk

Executive Vice President
Construction Insurance & Bonds

8144 Walnut Hill Lane, 16th Floor | Dallas, TX 75231 | tpe3@tomellis.com | 972.770.1672

Contractors - Are you frustrated and angry over price increases and changes in coverage? Has your bonding capacity been reduced?

Is your insurance and bonding a constant distraction and aggravation? Do you want to maximize your bonding capacity and make sure that you are not crippled by a staggering uncovered loss, but . . .

  • You struggle to understand insurance and all its complexities.
  • You are frustrated that bidding your insurance may not give you the best broker/agent relationship and that it often leads to being forced into making last minute decisions.
  • You find difficulty with the increasingly complex contractual indemnity clauses in your contracts.
  • You don't understand your bonding company - why have they cut back your capacity?
  • Your employee benefits are essential to keeping good people but the cost is staggering and when you modify coverage to control the cost your employees are angry and upset with you.
  • You know there is bound to be a better way to handle the risks you face and obtain the bonding line-of-credit you need and you would be pleased if you could find

If you are like the typical contractor today, you are struggling with the increased cost of your insurance program and employee benefit plans and at the same time you are squeezed by reduced profit margins. Your attention needs to be on how to obtain enough work to generate the necessary income for the company.

As you look for ways to reduce costs, you need to be careful not to cut critical insurance coverage or gut your employee benefit plans. You don't want to have an uncovered, crippling loss or lose the key people you need to move forward.

No matter which areas we work on with you - Risk Management and Insurance, Bonding, or Employee Benefits, we follow these guiding principles:

  1. We want to work with you as a partner/trusted advisor. With most clients I become deeply involved in their business and feel a part of it with a real vested interest in the success of the company.
  2. Our goal is to take the complexity out of insurance, bonding and benefits so that you can make confident decisions on them and move your attention to managing your construction business.
  3. Our relationships are characterized by honesty and integrity.
  4. Our goal is for you to have complete understanding and receive full disclosure. We don't try to keep you "in the dark" and never create a lot of confusion "on purpose".
  5. Education of clients is a top priority through our periodic seminars, loss control consulting, safety videos and "tool box" topics, website resources on claim control, website information on compliance issues, and customized education programs.
  6. Responsiveness is "Job 1". MHBT's staff is geared up to meet your need for prompt attention to requests for certificates, bid bonds, and information on claims. My associates and I know and understand the construction industry and your need for quick action.
  7. Your claim representative makes sure your claims are processed promptly and adjusted fairly. We help you address any coverage issues and make sure your claim is handled properly.

If you are looking for a partner that can provide multiple answers to different areas of concern in running your construction company and not just an insurance guy selling you a policy, give me a call at 972.770.1672 or email me at tpe3@tomellis.com. We want to work with you as your advisor/consultant and bring you expertise in risk management, insurance, bonding, employee benefits, business continuation insurance, loss control, and claims management.